If your Pay Summary isn’t what you expected (unanticipated amounts) or you didn’t get it, please review these common factors in Pay Summary queries:

You must do this before a Pay Summary can be produced. If uncertain, ask the team if you’re required to do so.
A Pay Summary may vary from what you expect if you have worked less than usual, i.e., you have less income for that period
You will be contacted immediately and your Pay Summary will be produced as soon as you can help us rectify any discrepancy,e.g., an invoice amount doesn’t correlate/match with funds cleared in your business bank account.
You may have forgotten to submit expenses, had no expenses for a period or submitted more or less than usual. All of these factors influence the amounts in calculations and should be taken into account when you query your Pay Summary.
You must log your time worked before you receive your Pay Summary. The team use this information for your calculation and to ensure there are no discrepancies.

Pay Summary queries generally relate to higher or lower amounts than expected. Typically, these amounts are correct and reflect a normal accumulation of salary, fees and expenses.