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At yourcompanyportal.com click the ‘Reset your password’ link below the log-in window. You’ll be redirected to the ‘Password reset’ page which requires you submit your username. If you don’t have a username yet you will be issued one by the team in good time and before you need to log-in.

1. Send yourself a link to go reset your password
a. Go to https://www.yourcompanyportal.com/app/Account/PasswordReset
b. Enter your username and click Submit
c. An email will arrive in your inbox

2. Using the link
a. Follow the link, enter the reset details and click submit (you must use a new password)
b. Go to https://www.yourcompanyportal.com and use your username and new password
c. Try log-in immediately or as soon as possible to ensure the password is validated
d. The link will expire in a maximum of 24hrs

Once you have logged-in, your password will be set and valid.

Please note the following requirements.

  • Most browsers are compatible except Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions
  • Language must be set to English (United Kingdom) en-GB (see http://userguide.yourcompanyportal.com/browser-settings )